Button Shoes UAE Our Story

We all at some point in our lives had an affection with buttons. Buttons have been used in many different ways in fashion since they first appeared on clothing in Germany around the 13th Century.

The history on the handmade button shoes started in Thailand over 25yrs ago by Madam Siree, the inventor of these types of matching colorful buttons on several types of shoes

The buttons we use on our shoes are special types of buttons, exclusively made for us. The design and cut is done in a much studied way, where it will fit on the shoes on same levels and heights. Each pair of shoes can take anything from three hours to two full days of work to be ready for display. This is why we consider each and every shoe as a piece of Art.

Our Brand

Started in Dubai in 2015, Button Shoes is brand dedicated to bringing a new exciting adventure to kids footwear across United Arab Emirates. Each collection is designed to be as different as the person wearing it.

Button Shoes was co-founded by brothers Ahmed and Basim Hawas is part of the Hawas Group of companies based in Dubai, UAE. Button Shoes general trading company is the exclusive agent for Madam Siree products, in the Middle East, Australia and Russia.

We initially opened our first branch in the Middle East in Dubai, at Dubai festival City mall but have now adopted an online store strategy to extend our customer base and enlighten the lives of more children with our shoes.

Our vision is to inspire kids to enjoy wearing shoes that represent their personality. We know that every child is different and wanted to created shoes that represent them. Ahmed Hawas / C0-Founder